3 Fabulous Eco Theme Parks in Singapore

As we already know, Singapore has a lot of beautiful attraction to visit and admire. Apart from these attractions, there are three very popular eco parks in Singapore. These parks not only attracts tourists but also the locals staying there.

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Rumah Tinggi Eco Park

Rumah Tinggi Eco Park is located on the KTM Railway Land. It is located exactly between HDB Blocks and Alexandra Road Businesses. It is a 1.3 ha park. It is at par to the existing wildlife, greenery,and topography of the place. The Eco Park provides great fitness facilities located in the natural environment. Swales are also a part of the facilities provides by the park. It highlights the terrain of the site.

The building materials are also reused very nicely in this park. The planting system of nature enriches the biodiversity. To get to know about the landscape architecture as well as to know the art of the park design, we can just take a walk in this Eco Park. There a woodland styled playground and a train playground for various age groups. It also has a stormwater management system. The Eco park nature is achieved through a long process of preserving the trees, planting native trees and the use of swales. The existing trees are preserved in a proper way. Admission is free in this park. It can be reached by bus.

Address: 14, Kung Chong Road, Singapore 159150

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Funtasy Island

Funtasy Island is located on a private island space. It is 328 hectares high and it is very rich in biodiversity. Here you can enjoy your natural setting as well as various exciting attractions. It is located on an ecological playground and is a great place for people who love nature. Here people can take part in some of the thrilling adventures and outdoor activities like nature walks, sailing, spas, dining, snorkeling, clubbing,and diving. These are all located on the islands of Riau. The beautiful beaches and the tourist attractions are very popular over here. The sea is used for fishing and trading. It is the best destination for a sea adventure.

Avatar Habitat- It is famous for the bird species. Various nocturnal birds are found here along with birds like the Lorries, parrots and the birds of prey. Birds like owl are taken for night demonstration. The Avatar is a night trail which is taken for Avatar Night Vision Goggle. You can walk through the entire place to see the birds.

Rainforest Paradise- The entire place is filled with flora and fauna and is surrounded by nature, which creates a calming effect on all the people. It is a great journey where you will be able to see new creatures.

Simia Adventure- In this beautiful rain forest, you can see various species of monkeys, which are an entertaining sight to behold. You can even go for a Mangrove Safari ride and explore the entire place on a boat.

Riau Jungle Explorer- Here you can see great flora and fauna and also various freshwater fishes. It is a very cool attraction where even crocodiles are seen. The tropical species are seen over here which are there for almost 55 million years.

Aqua Adventure- It is a fabulous spot to witness the underwater world. Here you can see various colorful tropical fishes and a great variety of marine life. It is also famous for snorkeling and diving.

Dolphin Discovery Habitat- This Eco theme park provides a great entertainment experience. It is a great place where you can play with dolphins. A marine sanctuary for dolphins is also over here.

Deep ocean wonder- Deep Ocean Wonder is a great spot where you can see various sea creatures. Various shark species and almost 3,500 species of marine fishes are found over here. It is just 16 kilometers away from Singapore.

Funtasy Island has the largest Eco- Themed Park in all over the world. It spreads over 810 acres over the tropical landscapes. You can go around the entire place on a 20-minute luxury yacht ride from the Harbourfront ferry terminal. It is located very close to the Universal Studios, Marina Bay Sands and the Orchard Road and almost 70% of the entire place has been preserved as a natural sanctuary.

It is managed by Seven Seas Funtasy development. It is located on a private island which offers you the privacy along with the ultimate recluse in the lap of nature. Corporate travelers and holidaymakers find this the most frequented spot for their visit to Singapore. Here you can also find various Eco-themedactivities being practiced, like, for example, aquaculture tours.

It helps the tourists to explore the entire place at its best condition without it being unspoiled in any possible way. Even the marine sanctuary for the dolphins here informs the people about their breeding behavior and proper care and attention is given to them. Arapaima which is the world’s largest freshwater fish is also found over here. They are 9 feet long and stay underwater for 10 to 20 minutes at a stretch.

Address– 02-32A Harbourfront Centre, Singapore Cruise Centre, Singapore 099253

Website- http://www.funtasyisland.com/

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Tampines Eco Green

Tampines Eco-Friendly Park is another major attraction of Singapore. It is the perfect place where the flora and fauna are preserved properly and you can spend time amidst nature. Freshwater wetlands, grasslands,and a large secondary rainforest are the major attraction for the tourists. If you want to get the best of nature and biodiversity, this park is a must visit.

Various flora and fauna can be discovered by the tourists while exploring the park. It is well connected with the Sun Plaza Park and the Tampines biking trail which interests the cyclists to a great extent. Here you can enjoy the great natural beauty of the park. It is located on Tampines Avenue 9 and 12. The park extends upto 36 hectares and it is best to avoid visiting it after dark as there is no light then.

Here you can do bird watching. You can spot birds like the Baya weavers, waddlers,and perching birds. You can see them from a very close proximity. A huge variety of dragonflies and butterflies can also be found over here. The carpet grass is a great attraction in this park. There are natural ponds too in this park.

Address- Tampines Avenue 9, Singapore 520491

Website- https://www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/tampines-eco-green

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