Eco Parks in TamilNadu

Nature has a way of providing us with any emotion that we might seek- excitement, adventure, serenity, awe, peace, magic! And the government has made it even easier to hunt for a mesmerizing place by branding them as National Parks. So, here have top 5 eco national park.

Kanyakumari Eco Park: 

It is situated in Kanyakumari and it is an activity taken through the branch of Horticulture with a reason to “pull in additional voyagers, safeguard an equalization eco contraption and help investigates and understudies scholastically”. This park is found a couple of kilometres far away from the indirect at the National motorway 47 This colossal park covers a position of 15 sections of land, with various types of blossoms and tree, became introduced by boss priest Edapadi K Palaniswami through a video gathering on fifth April 2018. The great passageway takes you to the stone cascades, it comparably drives you by means of a little wooden extension and from that point, Mother Nature takes you to season its wonder in all corners. An exceptional spot is given to the children to encounter inside the recreation centre. The play area is minimized and has the entirety of the enjoyment rides to safeguard your youth to do some out of entryways play. The mother and father guardians can loosen up looking at their youngsters play inside the solid seats structured around the play district. There are various segments in the recreation centre that is focused on a particular type of plants, which causes it to seem, by all accounts, to be stopped inside a recreation centre. Model bamboo garden, palm court, warm and bloodless unpracticed living arrangement and such a great deal of. You may be flabbergasted to look a portion of the ordinary ‘un major” vegetation providing you with allure which you, not the slightest bit envisioned sooner than. Those of you from Chennai will totally encounter that this park is smaller than expected “semmozhi poonga” in view of its shape and its air.

Indira Gandhi National Park:

Named after perhaps the best pm of our country, it is additionally referred to by numerous individuals as Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, got from the mountain slopes it is situated on. It is one of the biggest and most created national stops in the nation. You can clear your path through the recreation centre by trekking or in one of the safari vans. The national park houses more than 250 types of winged animals alone, while additionally having around 2000 types of plants. It likewise houses an uncommon set of all animals species like the goliath Indian squirrel, lion-followed Macaque, dark-coloured mongoose and a wild pooch assortment known as Dhole. In its immense limits, the national park contains several wild elephants, numerous dams, twelve cascades, and help focuses to find any lost soul. This all-around created park is must-visit for a total experience trip. 

Guindy National Park: 

On the off chance that you can’t travel unreasonably far for investigating a National Park, this one is only for you-situated inside the clamouring city of Chennai. It is moderately little in size yet offers a serious decent scope of widely varied vegetation. The Blackbuck is the pride of this National Park. Different species that can be seen in Guindy National Park are the spotted deer, cap macaque, pangolin and the three-stripped palm squirrel. They have a fascinating assortment of winged animals also parrots, heaven fly-catcher, brilliant sponsored woodpecker to give some examples. They brag of a snake park holding a lord cobra, pythons and different snakes. Be that as it may, the what tops off an already good thing is their Children’s park-a play region where creatures like blackbuck, spotted deer, monkeys and wonderful fowls meander openly. Here, your children will genuinely feel like a piece of nature. It was built up path in 1940 and was the primary national park of Southern India. You can hope to see an assortment of creatures here including tigers, panthers, striped hyenas, dholes, sloth bears, Asian elephants, and Golden Jackals. The peaked falcon hawk, the peaked snakebird, the Malabar Trojan, and the Malabar dark hornbill are likewise spotter here and consequently, numerous bord watchers rush to Mudumalai National Park.

Madumalai National Park:

 Given the proximity of this park to the Bandipur National Park, disregarding lying in isolated states, the two are generally visited together. As of late proclaimed as a tiger hold, this natural life asylum is arranged on the banks of River Moyar, and on the north-western side of the Nilgiri slopes. Home to the enormous crowds of elephants for which it is acclaimed, tigers, panthers, gaurs, hyenas, sloth bears, sambars, mouse deer and wild creatures are likewise observed here. Different reptiles like crocodiles, pythons, turtles and so on are found here. This park is known for its avian populace, comprising of occupant just as transient fowls like a bird of prey hawks, scops owls, darker pigeon, dark woodpecker, lord vultures, birds of prey and so on. Tropical evergreen woodlands are looked after here, alongside soggy blended deciduous, dry teak and prairies.

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