Taking Day Trip to New Town Eco Park in Kolkata

Prakriti Tirtha or New Town Eco Park is the modern eco-park situated in Rajarhat, Kolkata. The main aim to set up an Eco Park is to approach sustainability and holistic systems. It helps to create a good balance between resource conservation, ecological regeneration, and optimization. This urban open space offers a lot of benefits to the environment.

When compared to outdated models for establishing open spaces and parks, the eco-park has the benefit of offering a living classroom atmosphere at nature’s lap. In this park, the plants filter air and wetlands filter water. People are allowed to rejuvenate, refresh, seek solitude and socialize and also gain first-hand knowledge about the fauna and flora benefitting their city.

The Eco Park occupies a vast land area of about 480 acres and offers a chance to create a modern community that gives importance to nature as an important part of life. One can get sufficient enjoyment and inspiration by spending time close towards nature. The benefits of mental and physical health are well known by all people. It is the place close to nature and offers various health benefits. Most important fact is it is set up in an urban atmosphere in the heart of the city of Kolkata with all necessary services for excellent urban functioning.

Planning to Visit Ecological Park in Kolkata Soon? Here’s a List Of All The Activities You Can Do There


New Town Eco Park is the place for various activities, attractions, and conveniences. It is divided into four different elements. They are Activity Zone, Lake Zone, Theme Area in South and Theme Area in North.

Eco Park Activity Zone: It consists of crafts spot, urban museum, food court, restaurant and visitor center.

Eco Park Lake Zone: There is a bridge touching the island and consists of wildflower meadows, lakefront promenade, sculpture court and Bengali restaurant.

Eco Park North Theme Area: It consists of children’s play area, amphitheater, open stretch of field, formal garden, Chinese garden, heliconia garden, butterfly garden, cactus walk, bonsai garden, bamboo garden, and mist house.

Eco Park South Theme Area: It consists of a utility area, water garden, tea plantation and play area.

There are three different environment zones such as mixed deciduous forests/tropical forests, grasslands, and wetlands.   

Eco Park Activity Details:

It is best for various fun activities like archery, paddle boating, kayaking, gaming zone, etc.

Here is the clear list of activities and entrance price

Gaming zone: It is preferred by video game lovers. Now you can bond with your friends with gaming controllers. For the gaming lovers, the Gaming Zone is your dream come true at Eco Park, Kolkata.

They charge Rs.50 per person. They are allowed to play any PC games for one hour.

Trampoline: The charges for ten minutes is Rs.50.

Mickey Mouse: The charges for ten minutes is Rs.30.

Baby Cycling: The charges for thirty minutes is Rs.70.

Bull Ride: The charges against two fall is Rs.40 per head.

Ice Skating: The charges for thirty minutes is Rs.150.

Paint Ball: The charges for five balls is Rs.50.

Kayaking: The charges for half an hour is Rs.150.

Archery: The charges for five arrows is Rs.50.

Gun Shooting: The charges for ten shoots is Rs.50.

Speed Boating: The charges for one round is Rs.50.

Duo Cycle: The charges for thirty minutes is Rs.150.

Rowing: The charges for twenty minutes is Rs.150.

Shikara Riding: The charges for half an hour is Rs.150. It can be enjoyed by four people.

Paddle Boating: The charges for half an hour is Rs. 50. It can be enjoyed by four people.

Other interesting activities include cultural events and other miscellaneous performances. At the open-air theatre, several events like music, drama, dance and relevant performance and events are hosted every Sunday.

Land and water zorbing is also a major attraction in New Town Eco Park, Kolkata.

Significant places of interest in New Town Eco Park

Rabi Aranya

Rabi Aranya is a beautiful area that has the entire ambiance and spirit of Santiniketan Ashram. If you are aware of Tagore’s literary works, you can find the plants and trees in this area as mentioned.

Lake Front Promenade

Lakefront promenade is a gorgeous paved pathway lined with coconut trees. It is specially designed for visitors to enjoy the views of the water body. It is a central attraction in the property.


Glass House

Sabuj Sati or Glass House is built in the center of the island that is exactly in the middle of the Eco Park Lake. It is awe inspiring to get a 360-degree view of the Eco Park from the Glass House. It is possible to book the Glass House for corporate parties, private functions, and other family events.

Rose Garden

The gorgeous Rose Garden in the Eco Garden is the must-visit spot. You can see a long stretch of beautiful varieties of rose plants alongside. It is a lovely experience to witness the rose plants amidst the colorful sculptures and fountains.

rose garden

Mask Garden

It is located near the North parking lot. You can see masks from different districts of Bengal, other Indian states and also the world.


Butterfly Garden

A large dome is enclosed with numerous species of flowering perennials and annuals supporting a countless range of butterflies surrounding the circular water body. It is a beautiful sight to witness in this Eco Garden.

Graffiti Walls

When you walk towards the Southside parking area, you can see walls in life in form of artsy and colorful paintings.

New Town Eco Park Timings

It has separate timings for summer and winter season. The summer timings that is from March 1 to October 31, it is open from 2.30 PM to 8.30 PM (Tuesday to Saturday) and from 12.00 Noon to 8.30 PM on Public Holidays and Sundays.

The winter timings start from November 1 to February 28. It is open from 12.00 Noon to 7.30 PM from Tuesday to Saturday and from 11.00 AM to 7.30 PM during Public Holidays and Sundays.

The New Town Eco Park is closed on Mondays.

Full ticket is required for children above the age of 3 years.

Two Wheeler parking charges are Rs.20.

Four Wheeler parking charges are Rs.50.

If the tickets are booked, there will not be any cancellation or refund done.

Address: New Town Eco Park in Kolkata

Major Arterial Road, New Town

Action Area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700156.

Help Desk: 91 9051087099, 033 27064010

Email address: tourism@ecoparknewtown.com

Website: http://www.ecoparknewtown.com/index.php

Google Maps: Ecology Park

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