Striking Eco Park in Kanyakumari You Must Visit With Friends

Eco Park in Kanyakumari is an environment-friendly tourist spot, which was an initiative of the department of Horticulture. The entire area has a varied range of flora and fauna. It extends up to an area of 15 acres. It is just 10 minutes away from the main beach of Kanyakumari. There is also a beautiful rock waterfall over here. A separate portion has been created for the kids to enjoy. It even helps in research work for the students.

Eco Park in Kanyakumari was built to maintain the balance of the Eco system. It is located very close to the National Highway 47. It was inaugurated on 5th of April this year by Chief Minister Edapadi K Palaniswami. It looks beautiful from all the corners.

Amenities in the Park

Kids Play Zone

It is a beautiful and entertaining activity area where kids can enjoy. There are various fun rides, which are very compact. Children can play some outdoor games over here. There are also places for the parents to relax while their children are at play. It has been decorated beautifully with the concrete seats all around.

Parks within the Park

park in kanyakumari

There are various small divisions and parks inside the park. There are various species of plants here. You can find a hot and cold greenhouse, a palm court and a bamboo garden too. You can even spot some rare and uncommon species of plants too over here.


There is an open restaurant as well as other joints serving the refreshments. It is the best place in Kanyakumari to enjoy with your friends and family while enjoying the serene beauty of the place. There is also a restaurant with a kitchen here and various small shops too selling a variety of refreshments and quick bites.

Antique trees

This Eco Park has several ancient trees all along the park which would definitely capture your attention. There are various types of old trees so you will love it if you are a tree lover. The place is beautiful and photogenic. It remains perfect for capturing a lot of pictures. You can even plan an outdoor wedding photography over here.

The park has its own charm. There is a semmozhipoongaand has a great ambience and structure. Many areas are still under construction like the stone benches and amphitheater. The park has an entire outlay of 3.91 crores. More and more tourists are being attracted to this park daily. The trellis, the flower garden, the gazebo, the lotus pond, a small bridge, and a palm court are some of the major attractions over here.


The park has been very beautifully decorated with colorful LED lights. Focus lamps and decorative street lights have also been put up which not only beautifies the place but also provides an adequate amount of light to the people visiting it.

The park has its own heritage which is connected to the olden days, to that of the Travancore Kings. They had used this place as their grove. It has gradually become one of the frequently visited tourist spots in Kanyakumari. Due to its beauty and the serene and unique beauty, it is loved by all age groups. From kids to old people, evening loves visiting this park and enjoying themselves.

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Timings: It is open on all days of the week. It is open from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

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